About Us


Tabash was established in 1950 at a small store at the milk grotto street beside the Nativity Church in Bethlehem. After that in 1997 Tabash opened a larger store to provide opportunities for young Christians that find it difficult to navigate through the social and economic status of The holy land

Today, Tabash is supporting at least 150 Christian Families that produce a variety of quality goods in their homes and small workshops that support as well different families . Our heart’s desire is that through our efforts, we create a sustainable model for the young artisans, so that they stay in the holy land instead of leave to seek other employment.

When purchasing through our website and other social media apps , you will be a vital part in supporting 130+ Christian Families.

Our main industry in Bethlehem is the workmanship of olive wood and mother of Pearl souvenirs and ceramic . Please enjoy browsing through our shop to see all Tabash has to offer.

tabash family